St Cuthbert’s Centre was founded in 1987 and registered as a Charity in 1990.  Our Mission Statement is “Proving the Community Cares”. We achieve this by providing a safe and informal sanctuary and early intervention "safety net", for the marginalised, alienated and dispossessed living in our society today. 



To provide and deliver immediate primary services to a very diverse but clearly defined adult client group. This ensures that no one is discriminated against or excluded. Understanding and responding to their support needs. These include homeless people and rough sleepers, people with varying degrees of mental health issues, substance misuse and over 60's, but we are not inclusive of this group, all who attend are welcome.

About us

St Cuthberts' is an open door drop-in centre for all marginalised, vulnerable people in Earls Court and the surrounding areas. We are an independent charity supported mainly by grants and donations from trusts, organisations and individuals.

​We offer a safe, warm, welcoming environment, where the trained staff are caring, helpful, empathetic and understanding. Our aim is for those who use the Centre to be valued, accepted and heard.


  • We provide a calm, welcoming and safe environment.
  • We offer support and structure to the often chaotic lifestyles and complex needs of our client group. Our clients are our priority; we establish their support needs and ensure that they are met.
  • We function as a first point of contact, a referral hub and advisory service for all who attend the Centre.
  • We are open from 10:30am – 3:30pm, Monday – Friday.
  • We offer both breakfast and homemade three-course course lunches. This is provided entirely free of charge to rough sleepers and homeless. Those who feel they can contribute are encouraged to make a suggested donation of £2.50 that goes towards the upkeep of the Centre. Each week, we offer an entirely free meal to everyone. We also distribute free sandwiches, bread and other food items to all upon availability.
  • Free shower and laundry facilities as well as a clothes resource.
  • Free computer access and Wi-Fi as well as free use of our telephone.
  • Basic computer lessons.
  • Leisure activities which include a knitting club, make and mend club, arts and crafts class, library, daily newspapers, board games, TV room with daily film screenings, and an organised annual summer outings. 
  • Information, help and advice.
  • Informal counselling. 

How you can help


There are many ways in which you can support St Cuthbert’s Centre. Monetary donations are always very much appreciated, but you can also help us with food donations, toiletries, clothing, and donations via our just giving page. Any other type of donation that you think may be of benefit to our beneficiaries will be very welcome too.

Mental Health Services


We have a dedicated Mental Health support worker who works in close collaboration with other Mental Health services and Community Health Trusts. Our aim, with early intervention, is to deliver a service that is committed to a personalised, flexible, recovery focused approach for anyone in need including those with more complex needs such as chronic psychotic illness. For more information contact:

We have been supported by The Felix Project for a number of months leading up to the opening and we are pleased to report that our charity has benefited enormously from this.

It is amazing the variety of fresh and healthy food that The Felix Project deliver to our Centre. As well as markedly reducing our food costs, the free deliveries help our cook create varied and more nutritious meals, we can also distribute lots of fresh fruit and vegetables to our clients.

We passionately strive to improve of the health and wellbeing of those living on or below the poverty line, and with the support from organisations such as Food for Soul and The Felix Project, we are able to give so many marginalised members of the community a much better quality of life.

Food for Soul, a non-profit organisation founded by chef Massimo Bottura that fights food waste in support of social inclusion, in partnership with The Felix Project and The Evening Standard, have selected us as their London community Centre and transformed our space into a beautiful dining area with a modern, upscale feel, which includes a bespoke, fully equipped kitchen.

Our new space will be called Refettorio Felix at St Cuthbert's. Please click on the link below to find out more:


Refettorio Felix at St Cuthbert's


Our shared ethos is to promote dignity, community and wellbeing whilst tackling food wastage and food poverty. The Felix Project (who the new Project is named for) collects surplus food that supermarkets and other outlets have been unable to sell and delivers it to us free of charge. The food is then transformed into delicious, nutritious, multicourse meals and served to people living on or below the poverty line. 

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Proving the community cares


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